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Applicant must attend a public junior or community college in Alabama on a full-time basis. Selection is based upon demonstrated athletic ability determined through try-outs. Financial need is not considered.
Award: Not Available
Applicant must demonstrate financial need and outstanding athletic or academic ability in a specific area.
Award: $4,000 School specific : Kansas Wesleyan University
Applicant must be a continuing student who has excelled both academically and in other aspects of life such as student government and leadership, community service, athletics, fine arts, or church service. Application requires a completion ...
Award: $500
Applicant must be a full-time student with a minimum 2.5 GPA, demonstrate financial need, and have previously participated in intercollegiate athletics. Applicant must no longer be eligible for intercollegiate sports but desire to return to...
Award: Not Available School specific : Mesa State College
Applicant must demonstrate outstanding leadership skills through high school extracurricular activities, athletics, and/or community service.
Award: $2,000 Deadline: 03/01/2021 (34 days left) School specific : Southern Vermont College
Applicant must be regularly admitted to the University and be able to demonstrate contributions outside the classroom in areas such as music, theatre, student government, athletics, church, and community.
Award: $4,500 Total awarded: 50 School specific : Bluffton University
Applicant must be a member of the Women's Basketball, Women's Field Hockey, Women's Ice Hockey, Women's Soccer, Women's Swimming, Women's Track and Cross Country, or Women's Volleyball Team. Selection is based upon academic ability and cont...
Award: Not Available Total awarded: 7 School specific : Calgary, University of
Applicant must be an accepted student who has demonstrated leadership contributions in various school (excluding athletics), religious, or community activities who have a minimum combined SAT Reasoning score of 1000 (composite ACT score of ...
Award: $12,000 Total awarded: 57 School specific : Elmira College
Applicant must be offered an athletic performance grant contract by the head coach, be approved by the athletic director, participate in the sport, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and be a full-time student. FAFSA is required.
Award: $14,500 Deadline: 04/01/2021 (64 days left) School specific : Campbellsville University
Applicant must be a Connecticut resident and a student athlete.
Award: Not Available Total awarded: 2 Applications: 50 Deadline: 04/01/2021 (64 days left) School specific : Connecticut, University of
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