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Applicant must be a communicant member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), be enrolled on a full-time basis, be working toward a degree at a regionally-accredited college or university, and have established and maintained a satisfactory acade...
Award: $9,000 Total awarded: 150 Deadline: 07/31/2020 (123 days left)
Applicant must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and have their church donate money to them as a scholarship. College will match, in grant aid, on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $2,500 per student, per academic year provided by Christian ministries w...
Award: $2,500 Total awarded: 130 Deadline: 06/01/2020 (63 days left) School specific : Master's College and Seminary
Applicant must be an earnest Christian Science student, be a member of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston; or one of its branch churches. Applicant must be academically sound, and attend (or have been accepted ...
Award: $6,000 Total awarded: 120 Deadline: 08/01/2020 (124 days left)
Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate leadership in community, church, and extracurricular activities.
Award: $1,000 Total awarded: 110 School specific : Briar Cliff University
Applicant must be a full-time student who is an active member of the Free Methodist Church. Applications available from Office of Financial Aid and Free Methodist Church societies.
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 100 Applications: 100 School specific : Roberts Wesleyan College
Applicant must be a U.S. citizen who is a member of the American Baptist Church, and attending an accredited college or university school in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. Applicant must be a full-time student.
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 100 Applications: 300 Deadline: 05/31/2020 (62 days left)
Applicants must be recipient of a scholarship from home church and demonstrate financial need. The following conditions must be met: the appropriation must come from church funds, donations from the recipients family are not included, recip...
Award: $1,000 Total awarded: 99 School specific : Walla Walla College
Applicant must have been an active member of a church affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina for at least one year.
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 86 Deadline: 08/01/2020 (124 days left) School specific : Chowan University
Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate, a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and be nominated by a minister. FAFSA required.
Award: $23,000 Total awarded: 76 School specific : Chapman University
Award: $1,000 Total awarded: 72 Applications: 72 School specific : Colorado Christian University
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