Scholarships FAQ

  • What is and what are the major services? is a simple website to search for scholarships, grants, contests, internships and loans sponsored by governments, various public, and private organizations. It is a public service and anybody can use without any limitation for free.

    The purpose of this website is simple; to search for the best scholarship that fits your needs. Anyone can search through our database which contains more than 15,000 awards information using various search options under Find Matches. You can also mark any award information as favorite and see them all of your favorite awards under My Favorites menu.

  • I thought that scholarships and grants are only for someone with high SAT scores , GPA, or special talented skills in Sports or Arts. I am a regular kid with average grades. Would there be any scholarships for me too?
    It is true that many scholarships and grants require high grades, but also there are many others that don't require such high standards. We have seen many scholarships that are based on ethnicity or minority, military status, or simple membership of particular organization. And often scholarships are awarded to the financially challenged students. There are so many scholarships and we are sure that you are also qualified for many of them, too. Start looking for one right now.
  • I don't know where to start to looking for the right scholarships.

    You can simply start searching with the keyword that you are interested. Think about yourself and your family. Right down special interest and traits that you and your family have. It could be special experience such as 9/11, company that your parents were working for, religion, your hobby (chess or ham radio...) , your ethnicity, and so on.

    If you already decided what major you are going to pursue, you can use that as the keyword such as 'nurse', 'computer', 'engineer', etc.

    Also, try Find Matches. It gives you many options you can select. You can search based on planned colleges(upto 5), majors (upto 5), home city, home state, homecountry, SAT score, classrank, gender, military status, minority, and Special skills in Arts or Sports. The form has auto suggestion capability which will help you fill out the search form. Start searching with little options and you can narrow the result down giving more and more options.

  • I have found the awards that I am interested. Now what do I do?

    The sholarships or awards information presented in our website may not reflect the complete information about the awards and their specific requirements. You can visit the sponsor's website or you can contact the sponsor by email to have more information on the requirements.

    Some of the frequently requested documents are

    • SAR(Student Aid Report) generated by completing Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, other Familiy financial income statement
    • SAT scorecards, Report cards, Transcripts
    • Recommendation Letters
    • Essay
    • College Application or acceptance letter
    Also you can speak to your guidance counselor for more information.

  • Are these scholarships taxable?
    Awards used for direct expenses at the academic institution as tuition, fees and books may not be liable for the tax , but for the ones applied for the room and board may be considered taxable income. Please consult your tax professional for the details.
  • Must I be a US Citizen or US residents to be qualified for the scholarships
    Yes, many of them it is true that you must be the US citizen or qualified US residents. However, there are some that don't have such requirement. You can search using non-US country as the "Home Country" selection box in the Find Matches menu.
  • How do I estimate my EFC (Expected Family Contribution)?
    EFC is the index which helps to determine the tuition amount that a family will be actually responsible. You can use FinAid Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculator to calculate the EFC. It will calculate an amount based on US Department of Education EFC formulas.
  • The scholarship sponsor is asking to provide a credit card number while submitting the online application.
    Do not give out any personal information more than actually needed. Unfortunately, there are other scammers out there with fake scholarships to collect personal information or credit card number. Please report to government agencies if you encounter such scammers.
  • Some of the award information in does not match or incorrect. is always trying to do the best to update the information up-to-date, but the information may not be the latest or incorrect. Please report any incorrect information by sending email to with the details.
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