Best Buy Scholarships

Amount : $1,000

Applicant must be high school student ( grades 9-12) living in the U.S. or Puerto Rico who plan to enter a full-time undergraduate course of study upon high school graduation. Winners will be announced on at or at in May 2012. Be sure to check back on at that time. Demonstrate commitment to and involvement in community volunteer service or work experience.

Key Facts

Type [?] : Scholarship
Award amount : $1,000
School specific [?] : No
Est. Deadline [?] : February 15
02/15/2025 (208 days left)
Application received [?] :
Total granted [?] : 1200
Renewable : No
Need to repay : No
Required enrollment : High school freshman; High school sophomore; High school junior; High school senior;
Separate Application is required :


GPA : Minimum : 2.5

Sponsor and Contact Information

Sponsor name : Best Buy
Sponsor website :
Sponsor address :
Sponsor phone :
Sponsor FAX :
Contact name : Please login to view this information.
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  • Chris Lee (clee) at Jan 29th, 2012
    Dear Savannah, I am really sorry for what happened to you mother. There are other great scholarships in the 50 popular scholarship. You can find it in the upper left side menu. You might start checking those first. Many scholarships are based on financial need, so I am sure you will have more chance of being awarded. Than you.
  • Savannah DeLaurentis (1smartgirl) at Jan 29th, 2012
    I sure could use the financial aid. My mothers job is American Airlines and they have filed Bankrupcy..She doesnt know if she can help
  • Chris Lee (clee) at Jan 12th, 2012
    I think Best Buy scholarship is one of the popular scholarships and easy to apply. Go for it!
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