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Applicant must be offered an athletic performance grant contract by the head coach, be approved by the athletic director, participate in the sport, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and be a full-time student. FAFSA is required. Eligible sports are c...
Award: $12,000 Deadline: 04/01/2022 (155 days left) School specific : Campbellsville University
Applicant must have NCAA eligibility and a coach's recommendation.
Award: $12,000 School specific : Concordia College
Applicant must participate in intercollegiate competition in baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, or tennis.
Award: $11,932 Total awarded: 77 School specific : Emmanuel College
Selection based upon merit and performance.
Award: $10,062 Total awarded: 170 Applications: 370 Deadline: 03/02/2022 (125 days left) School specific : California Baptist University
Applicant must be an accepted student who has demonstrated leadership contributions in various school (excluding athletics), religious, or community activities.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 94 School specific : Elmira College
Selection is based upon achievement in an academic area, special talent in the creative arts, demonstrated leadership and service in church, community, or school organizations, or athletic ability.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 50 Applications: 150 School specific : Eckerd College
Applicant must demonstrate talent and skills in the areas of women's basketball, golf, soccer, or volleyball, or men's baseball, golf, soccer, or volleyball.
Award: $8,200 Deadline: 09/01/2022 (308 days left) School specific : William Woods University
Applicant must participate in basketball, cross-country, field hockey, soccer, track, or volleyball.
Award: $7,600 Total awarded: 94 Deadline: 03/15/2022 (138 days left) School specific : Houghton College
Applicant must be a high school senior student athlete who represents excellence in academics, athletics, community service and leadership, and includes milk in their daily routine.
Award: $7,500 Total awarded: 25 Deadline: 03/12/2022 (135 days left)
Applicant must demonstrate ability in one of the following sports: baseball, men's/women's basketball, football, men's/women's golf, women's softball, men's/women's tennis, men's/women's track, women's volleyball.
Award: $7,270 Total awarded: 177 School specific : Mississippi Valley State University
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