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Applicant must be a licensed physician graduate who is practicing direct patient care within the state of California.
Award: $105,000 Total awarded: 29 Applications: 64 Deadline: 03/24/2022 (64 days left)
Applicant must be a valedictorian or National Merit Semifinalist or Finalist from an accredited high school.
Award: $43,000 School specific : California State University -- Long Beach
Award: $32,000 Total awarded: 5 Applications: 5 Deadline: 04/02/2022 (73 days left)
Applicant must be a U.S. citizen with at least two years college coursework and proficiency in the language of the proposed host country. Apply through a San Diego or other Rotary Club.
Award: $24,000 Total awarded: 1000
Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need, and be a graduate student who is underrepresented in his/her area of study.
Award: $20,000 Total awarded: 3 School specific : California State University -- San Marcos
Applicant must have overcome adverse socioeconomic circumstances and demonstrate commitment to assisting and improving the lives of others.
Award: $20,000 School specific : California, University of, Santa Cruz
Applicant must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.
Award: $20,000 School specific : California, University of, Santa Cruz
Applicant must be a student attending Dominican University of California and be able to demonstrate financial need.
Award: $19,463 Total awarded: 346 Deadline: 03/02/2022 (42 days left) School specific : Dominican University of California
Applicant must be a California resident, intending to become a college or university faculty member, after pursuing an advanced degree at an eligible California graduate or professional school. Applicant is ranked competitively according to...
Award: $19,000 Deadline: 03/02/2022 (42 days left)
Applicant must be enrolled or accepted in a Bachelor of Science nursing program (specific to the B.S.N. scholarship). Purpose of program is to increase the number of registered nurses (RN) practicing in medically underserved areas of Califo...
Award: $19,000 Total awarded: 50 Applications: 172 Deadline: 03/24/2022 (64 days left)
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