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Award matches established church scholarship fund.
Award: $500 Deadline: 05/01/2021 (334 days left) School specific : John Brown University
Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student who is a member of a Christian church that donates scholarship money to the applicant. University will match dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 of what the church donates.
Award: $1,000 School specific : Houston Baptist University
Applicant must file a Church Matching Grant form within the first month of the semester for consideration. College will triple the amount of a scholarship (up to $500 for the first year) the applicant has received from his/her local church.
Award: $1,500 School specific : Central Christian College
Applicant must have their church donate a scholarship in order to receive a match from the university. University will match up to $2,000 per year on a student's behalf from their local church.
Award: $2,000 School specific : Dallas Baptist University
School will match up to $2000 donation per year given by student's Christian church group, individual churches only, in which student is an active member
Award: $4,000 School specific : Dallas Baptist University
Award is a dollar-for-dollar match of a scholarship provided by the applicant's church.
Award: $1,000 Deadline: 06/01/2020 (Today!) School specific : Bethel College
Applicant must be the dependent child or spouse of an ordained minister with benefit of pension serving under appointment of a bishop of the United Methodist Church.
Award: $10,000 Deadline: 02/01/2021 (245 days left) School specific : Ohio Wesleyan University
Applicant must be a woman, be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, be a U.S. citizen, be at least 21 years old, have experienced an interruption of two or more years since the completion of high school, and be studying fo...
Award: Not Available Deadline: 02/15/2021 (259 days left)
Applicant must be an active member of the United Methodist Church and must be referred by applicable clergy.
Award: Not Available
Applicant must be able to demonstrate academic potential and commitment and dedication to service in high school, church, or the individual's community.
Award: $9,000 School specific : Coe College
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