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Applicant must be a high school student who is able to write a three- to five-minute essay on an annual patriotic theme and record it on a good-quality audio cassette or CD. Selection is based upon delivery, originality, and content.
Award: $30,000 Total awarded: 57 Applications: 80000 Deadline: 11/01/2024 (102 days left)
New York City public high school students may compete in the All-City Students Art Exhibit. Scholarship winners must apply to and be accepted at a location of The Art Institutes system of schools to validate the scholarship. Scholarships ca...
Award: $25,000
Applicant must be a current high school student with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Financial need and merit will both be considered. Zinch profile is required in order to apply.
Award: $20,000 Total awarded: 1 Deadline: 01/15/2025 (177 days left)
Applicant must be a currently enrolled high school senior with a minimum 3.5 GPA who plans to be in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited four-year college or university. Applicant must have a parent or guardian working...
Award: $12,500 Total awarded: 5 Applications: 14 Deadline: 02/28/2025 (221 days left)
Applicant must be a junior or senior high school student. Essay must be no fewer than 800 and no more than 1,600 words in length. Only one entry per student will be accepted. Contest is open worldwide. No application is required.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 236 Applications: 7138 Deadline: 04/26/2025 (278 days left)
Applicant must fall into one of the following categories: a United States high school student in grade nine through twelve attending a public, private, parochial, or home school; a United States student under the age of 20 enrolled in a hig...
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 7 Applications: 2000 Deadline: 01/08/2025 (170 days left)
Applicant must be a high school student in the United States or Mexico who is 19 years of age or younger. Selection is based upon completion of essay regarding the topic of the Holocaust.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 30 Deadline: 04/30/2025 (282 days left)
Applicant must be a high school student in New York City, Los Angeles, Memphis, or San Antonio, TX (each city is a separate contest). Applicant must write and illustrate a children's book that discusses the topics of tolerance and diversity...
Award: $5,000 Total awarded: 12 Deadline: 03/01/2025 (222 days left)
Applicant must be the valedictorian or salutatorian of their high school. Applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student and live on-campus during their freshman and sophomore years.
Award: $4,000 School specific : Central Michigan University
Applicant must be a high school student who has graduated from a Canadian, Bermudian, or United States high school with a minimum 3.25 GPA and academic achievement.
Award: $3,500 Deadline: 09/16/2024 (56 days left) School specific : Atlantic Union College
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