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Applicant must be a member of an minority group, an active IIE member, be enrolled full time, and have a minimum 3.4 GPA. Selection is based upon scholastic ability, character, leadership, potential service to the profession, and financial ...
Award: $4,000 Total awarded: 1 Applications: 5 Deadline: 11/15/2021 (215 days left)
Applicant must have Master's degree in social work
Award: $15,060 Total awarded: 29 Applications: 50 Deadline: 02/28/2022 (320 days left)
Applicant must be a minority or an immigrant with U.S. citizenship, reside in Broome, Chenango, Delaware, or Tioga County, N.Y., or in Susquehanna County, Penn., have a minimum 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need, and be attending or plan t...
Award: $750 Total awarded: 2 School specific : SUNY Binghamton
Applicant must be a declared major in a College of Business and Economics program, have a permanent residence in a community served by U.S. Bank, and demonstrate strong academic merit and potential. Applicant must be an African-American, Na...
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 5 Deadline: 03/08/2022 (328 days left) School specific : Western Washington University
Selection is based upon extraordinary academic achievement. Consideration is also given to needy and minority students who meet the academic requirement.
Award: $3,000 Total awarded: 10 School specific : South Carolina, University of
Applicant must hold an M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree. Applicant must be working in a domestic or foreign nonprofit organization, such as a college, hospital, laboratory, etc. Applications from LLS awardees, minority, and women investiga...
Award: $100,000 Applications: 114 Deadline: 03/01/2022 (321 days left)
Applicant must be a minority student who is United States citizen or permanent resident with a minimum 3.0 GPA and transferring from a community college.
Award: $3,000 School specific : Florida Atlantic University
Applicant must be a minority U.S. citizen, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and attend an institution in Oregon or Washington or be a permanent resident of Oregon or Washington. Selection is based upon financial need, academic achievement, personal ...
Award: $4,000 Total awarded: 4 Applications: 10 Deadline: 04/30/2021 (16 days left)
Applicant must be a minority with a minimum 3.0 GPA and minimum composite ACT score of 19 (combined SAT I score of 750).
Award: $1,000 Total awarded: 75 Deadline: 01/15/2022 (276 days left) School specific : Tennessee, University of
Applicants with Ph.D. are not eligible. Applicants who are researching the language situation in the U.S. may also be eligible for Language in the USA Fellowship, with preference given to applicants studying the structure and/or use of mino...
Award: Not Available Total awarded: 74 Applications: 220 Deadline: 02/11/2022 (303 days left)
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