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Selection is based upon audition.
Award: $12,500 Total awarded: 125 Applications: 250 Deadline: 08/01/2022 (194 days left) School specific : Capital University
Selection based upon talent in theatre, music, dance, art, writing for publication, debate, leadership, entrepreneurship, or community service.
Award: $12,500 Total awarded: 20 Applications: 300 Deadline: 12/01/2022 (316 days left) School specific : Wake Forest University
Selection is based upon musical talent, audition with faculty, and assessed potential in composition or musical education.
Award: $12,000 Total awarded: 40 Applications: 450 Deadline: 01/15/2023 (361 days left) School specific : Lawrence University
Applicant must have significant promise in instrumental or vocal music. Auditions are required for eligibility.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 5 Applications: 40 Deadline: 02/01/2022 (13 days left) School specific : Cornell College
Selection is based upon performance competition. Audition tape required as part of scholarship application.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 4 Deadline: 01/15/2023 (361 days left) School specific : Skidmore College
Applicant must participate in art or music.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 83 Deadline: 03/15/2022 (55 days left) School specific : Houghton College
Applicant must be a high school senior planning to major in music. Selection is based upon exam held in fall and audition, which must include one Baroque or Classical piece and one Romantic or Contemporary piece.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 1 Applications: 3 Deadline: 11/01/2022 (286 days left) School specific : St. Vincent College
Applicant must be a woman and a graduate of Wellesley College who plans to pursue further study or research abroad or in the U.S. Preference is given to music applicants and to those who have not previously held the award. Other applicants ...
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 3 Applications: 23 School specific : Wellesley College
Applicant must audition on Fine Arts audition days.
Award: $10,000 School specific : Millsaps College
Selection is based upon audition and academic achievement.
Award: $10,000 School specific : Susquehanna University
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