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Applicant must be a United States citizen and a high school student attending a United States-based high school or comparable program who demonstrates significant achievement in three of 10 key attributes.
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 10
Applicant must be a high school student who has entered the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) no later than the third year in grades 9-12, regardless of grade classi...
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 10 Deadline: 01/15/2022 (249 days left) School specific : Lawrence University
Applicant must be an eighth grader or a freshman or sophomore high school student. Essay must be no fewer than 600 and no more than 1,200 words in length. Only one entry per applicant will be accepted. Contest is open worldwide. No applicat...
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 236 Deadline: 03/20/2022 (313 days left)
Applicant must be a high school or college student. High school students must have completed on year at an accredited high school and have taken at least one photography or related art class. College or technical school students must have c...
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 5 Deadline: 10/15/2021 (157 days left)
Applicant must be a resident of Florida, will attend or is attending a Florida school, and must demonstrate financial need. Work transcript, personal letter, photo, letters of recommendation, and interview required.
Award: $1,500 Deadline: 05/01/2022 (355 days left) School specific : Academy of Healing Arts, Massage, & Facial Skin Care
Applicant must either be a high school senior, community college student, university student or graduate student pursuing hospitality and tourism. Up to 10 High School Students' Scholarships, up to five Two-Year Program Scholarships, up to ...
Award: $1,500 Total awarded: 10 Deadline: 02/28/2022 (293 days left)
Applicant must be a high school student who is majoring in accounting or a college junior, college senior, or student at the master's level who is a member of the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants and able to meet the minimum...
Award: $1,250 Total awarded: 25 Applications: 34 Deadline: 04/01/2022 (325 days left)
Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident under the age of 20. Purpose of contest is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of high school students, in addition to de...
Award: $1,200
Applicant must be a high school student (grade 9-12), be a resident of Santa Clara County, Calif., and submit essay. Contact above address for application form and essay theme.
Award: $1,000 Total awarded: 15 Applications: 30 Deadline: 02/22/2022 (287 days left)
Applicant must be a high school student and pick at least three colleges they are considering, and rank them in order of preference.
Award: $1,000 Total awarded: 1 Deadline: 08/31/2021 (112 days left)
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