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Applicant must be a graduate student in arts education who has been a Rhode Island resident for at least five years. Preference is given to visual artists; however, writers, actors and composers interested in teaching are also encouraged to...
Award: $10,000 Deadline: 05/16/2021 (5 days left)
Selection is based upon achievement in an academic area, special talent in the creative arts, demonstrated leadership and service in church, community, or school organizations, or athletic ability.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 50 Applications: 150 School specific : Eckerd College
Applicant must be a female who is a full-time student at a four-year liberal arts university and is a member of the churches of Christ. Church and/or community involvement, academic achievement, and financial need are required to be demonst...
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 1 Deadline: 03/30/2022 (323 days left)
Applicant must be a physician practicing in an approved specialty, in an approved practice site.
Award: $9,000 Total awarded: 97 Deadline: 08/01/2021 (82 days left)
Applicant must demonstrate exceptional talent in art, ballet and modern dance, music, or theatre.
Award: $8,000 Total awarded: 10 Deadline: 05/01/2022 (355 days left) School specific : Texas Christian University
Awarded to applicants who demonstrate accomplishment and promise in music, theatre, or Scottish arts. Selection is based upon achievement, audition, and potential.
Award: $8,000 Total awarded: 25 Deadline: 02/15/2022 (280 days left) School specific : Wooster, The College of
Selection is based upon academic merit and talent. Scholarship cannot be combined with other merit scholarships offered by the university.
Award: $8,000 Applications: 1128 Deadline: 03/15/2022 (308 days left) School specific : Arts, University of the
Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, must have been a resident of Virginia for at least one year prior to the deadline, must be enrolled full time at an accredited college, university, or school of the arts, and must...
Award: $8,000 Total awarded: 9 Applications: 600 Deadline: 03/01/2022 (294 days left)
Applicant must demonstrate talent in art, communications, music, or theatre arts. Audition (music and theatre arts) or portfolio (art and communications) required.
Award: $7,720 Total awarded: 160 School specific : Mount Union College
Applicant must demonstrate dramatic talent by audition and intend to participate in college drama activities.
Award: $7,500 Deadline: 01/15/2022 (249 days left) School specific : Centre College
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