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Applicant must have outstanding talent in art, creative writing, dance, music, or theatre. Audition may be required. Contact the awarding department for application information.
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 180 School specific : Colorado State University
Applicant must demonstrate talent in art, communications, music, or theatre arts. Audition (music and theatre arts) or portfolio (art and communications) required.
Award: $7,720 Total awarded: 160 School specific : Mount Union College
Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Selection is based upon academic record, class rank, standardized test scores, and involvement in community, fine arts, or school programs.
Award: $34,500 Total awarded: 149 Applications: 5195 Deadline: 01/01/2022 (65 days left) School specific : Lafayette College
Applicant must be enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences.
Award: $500 Total awarded: 110 School specific : Suffolk University
Applicant must be a U.S. citizen and have a minimum 3.7 GPA and a minimum 1300 SAT I score with written results prior to application. Selection is based upon outstanding academic achievement or excellence in the visual/performing arts field...
Award: $5,000 Total awarded: 100 Applications: 7000
The Iowa Barber and Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Tuition Grant is available to assist Iowa residents attending participating barber and cosmetology colleges throughout Iowa. Priority is given to students with the greatest financial need. T...
Award: $1,200 Total awarded: 100 Deadline: 07/01/2022 (246 days left)
Applicant must be a full-time student. Some fine arts departments may base selection on portfolios, auditions, and interviews.
Award: $2,000 Total awarded: 100 Deadline: 03/01/2022 (124 days left) School specific : Concordia University
Applicant must be a physician practicing in an approved specialty, in an approved practice site.
Award: $9,000 Total awarded: 97 Deadline: 08/01/2022 (277 days left)
Applicant must demonstrate talent in art, dance, music, or theatre.
Award: $400 Total awarded: 85 Deadline: 01/01/2022 (65 days left) School specific : Southern Illinois University--Edwardsville
Applicant must participate in art or music.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 83 Deadline: 03/15/2022 (138 days left) School specific : Houghton College
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