Dance Scholarships

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Applicant must demonstrate a high level of accomplishment in art and design, dance, vocal or instrumental music, or theater. Selection is based upon portfolio submission.
Award: $1,000 Deadline: 03/01/2024 (86 days left) School specific : Alma College
Applicant must rank in top fifth of class and must complete the application provided by his or her guidance counselor. Applicant must be a resident of South Carolina and must have graduated from a South Carolina high school. Applicant may n...
Award: Not Available
Applicant must have outstanding performance ability in art, forensics, music, theatre, or dance.
Award: Not Available School specific : Southwest Missouri State University
Applicant must be of Italian heritage and be a full-time student attending or planning on attending an accredited four-year institution who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and a distinguished level of scholastic achievemen...
Award: $25,000 Total awarded: 13 Applications: 750 Deadline: 02/28/2024 (84 days left)
Applicant must demonstrate exceptional talent in art, ballet and modern dance, music, or theatre.
Award: $8,000 Total awarded: 10 Deadline: 05/01/2024 (147 days left) School specific : Texas Christian University
Applicant must demonstrate talent in dance composition.
Award: $500 School specific : SUNY Geneseo
Applicant must have caddied for at least two seasons. Scholastic Achievement, CEEB SAT Scores, qualities of character and leadership, length of service as a caddie, and financial need are the selection criteria. Attendance full-time at an a...
Award: $4,000 Total awarded: 60 Applications: 108 Deadline: 05/01/2024 (147 days left)
Applicant must be a U.S citizen and must be enrolled in a forth coming fall semester half or full time. Scholarship is directed towards students engaged with a faculty mentor (research project, independent study, attendance or presentation ...
Award: $2,500 Total awarded: 2 Deadline: 04/30/2024 (146 days left)
Audition is required.
Award: Not Available School specific : Richmond, University of
Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a composite ACT score of 25 (combined SAT Reasoning score of 1140). Applicant must be able to maintain their GPA and full-time enrollment status. Priority is given to applicants who submit their app...
Award: $14,000 Deadline: 02/01/2024 (57 days left) School specific : Bellarmine University
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