Veteran Scholarships

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Applicant must be between grades 9 and 12 and be able to write and record an essay between three and five minutes based on a theme which is different each year. The first-place recipient, who competes with all the first-place VFW Department...
Award: $30,000 Deadline: 11/01/2024 (102 days left)
Applicant must be a high school student who is able to write a three- to five-minute essay on an annual patriotic theme and record it on a good-quality audio cassette or CD. Selection is based upon delivery, originality, and content.
Award: $30,000 Total awarded: 57 Applications: 80000 Deadline: 11/01/2024 (102 days left)
Applicant must be a Wisconsin resident and a veteran, or child or spouse of an eligible deceased veteran with at least two years of active-duty service, 90 days of wartime service, or other active-duty service in conflicts or peacekeeping m...
Award: $25,000
Applicant must enroll at a two-year or four-year Maryland college or university, as a full-time or part-time, degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student or attend a private career school and be the son or daughter of a member of the U...
Award: $15,700 Total awarded: 66 Deadline: 07/15/2025 (358 days left)
Applicant must be 13 to 16 years old, have been an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary Junior Girls Unit for at least one year, and have held an office in the unit. Three letters of recommendation (one from a school teacher, a Junior Girl...
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 2 Deadline: 03/11/2025 (232 days left)
Applicant must be a Wisconsin resident, have a minimum 3.2 GPA, demonstrate financial need, attend an accredited school, and be the child, wife, or widow of a veteran. Granddaughters and great-granddaughters of veterans are eligible if they...
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 6 Deadline: 03/15/2025 (236 days left)
Applicant must attend school in the same state as the sponsoring Auxiliary and submit artwork for a creative, patriotic art competition.
Award: $10,000 Total awarded: 4 Applications: 8586 Deadline: 03/31/2025 (252 days left)
Applicant must be a Delaware resident between the ages of 16 and 24 who is the child of a deceased military veteran or state police officer who was a Delaware resident, and whose death was service related.
Award: $8,500 Total awarded: 2 Applications: 1
Applicant must be a veteran.
Award: $5,894 Total awarded: 5 School specific : Naropa University
Applicant must be the child of a deceased, disabled, or combat veteran or veteran listed as a POW/MIA. The veteran must have been a legal resident of North Carolina at the time of entry into service, or the child must have been born in Nort...
Award: $4,500 Total awarded: 370 Applications: 697 Deadline: 03/01/2025 (222 days left)
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